Most Difficult Part of Weight Loss – Self Doubt and Questioning

Most Difficult Part of Weight Loss – Self Doubt and Questioning


What was the most difficult part of your weight loss?

I put some serious thought in this question because there were a ton of obstacles that I faced. And you’re goin

g to face them, too. But I’d rather arm you with the knowledge.

1. You will face people criticizing you at every turn. At the beginning they’ll say shit like:

— Oh, you’re crazy! We’re supposed to eat when we’re hungry.

— That’s not going to work.

— You don’t need to lose weight.

— Why don’t you try this diet instead?

— Our bodies aren’t meant for X (X is a variation of their simple mindedness).


2. You will have crazy hunger pangs during the first month. Your body is not insulin sensitive and is accustomed to eating way too much food. Your body will take about one month to adapt to how much you’re supposed to eat. Find tips to overcome hunger pangs here.

3. You will find ways where you can cheat and try to over-compensate. This deters you from your goal. If you’re going to cheat, cheat with a guilt-free conscience. More often, over-compensation will set you back further.


4. However, during my weight loss journey, the single hardest obstacle was my own brain. At some point, you’re going to get neurotic. You might even be like me where you constantly look at the mirror to see any results. You may even weigh yourself. You’ll wonder why your body isn’t changing. You’ll think you’ve plateau’d.

This is by far the most difficult obstacle to overcome. Trust the system and follow through. This is especially difficult when you’re much leaner (at lower percent body fat). There can be a number of various events that can be happening in your body and it’s difficult to tell. Be truthful to yourself. Have you been cheating too much? Are you eating more food than you’re supposed to?

If not, then you may be experiencing water stored fat. Take a breather, look at other people’s progress pictures, and see that you are destined for your Saiyan body.


But let’s say you have plateau’d. For three weeks, your lifts are not increasing and your body is not changing. Then what could be the reason?

There could be four very real, very possible reasons.

1. Naturally, your may be eating too much and your body isn’t able to burn all of it. So your body is synthesizing fat as much as it is burning it. Carefully track and assess what you are eating, so you can ensure this is not happening.

2. Contrary to what people may think, you may not be eating enough food. Some examples of this occurrence can be if you have gotten to lower body fat percentages OR if you have been dieting for quite some time OR if you are more active than you think you are. Your body can be undergoing catabolism and feed off its muscles or it could be feeding off the protein resources that are required to augment the muscles.

3. Your leptin levels could have dropped off and your body’s metabolism has been shot. You need a week of diet break and refeed to restore leptin levels.

4. You’re just being a lazy fat*ss and you’re too scared to increase the weight. You think what you’re doing is hard and you’ve forgotten how to increase your weight. But it’s okay. I’ve been prone to this feeling too.

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Photo Credit: Christi Nielsen via Compfight cc

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