What Body Type Are You? Let’s Get Toned.

What Body Type Are You? Let’s Get Toned.


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In the fitness community, there is a lot of talk about ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Here at Becoming Saiyan, we ditch all that. Genetics can do a lot to someone’s natural physique, but in the end, you can build any body type you want. If you have a goal, then work for it!

Personally, from the upper table, my goal was to always reach that zone between Fit and Toned. Under most conditions, that is approximately 12% body fat percentage. But an incredibly skinny person could have 12% body fat with no muscle, so that doesn’t matter either.

Body fat mass and muscle mass both play into the equation.

In terms of the chart above, use these approximate numbers for body fat percentages:


Very Low – 2% to 12%

Low – Under 12%

Medium – Between 12% to 18%

High – Above 18%

Very High – Above 25%


Very Low – 5% to 15%

Low – Under 18%

Medium – Between 18% to 25%

High – Above 25%

Very High – Above 30%

With my program, the goal is to get in that TONED zone.

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