What is Lean Gains?

My diet regimen is adaptation of Martin Berkhan’s Lean Gains program, but slightly altered. Let me introduce the man behind the curtain…

Who is Martin Berkhan? Martin Berkhan is a nutritional consultant, magazine writer and personal trainer. He is one of the first people that developed and advocated intermittent fasting in the bodybuilding world. His program is called Lean Gains.

What is Lean Gains? Lean gains is a program that uses a combination of macronutrient cycling, intermittent fasting, and heavy lifting. I developed my program as a simplified and newbified version of lean gains. If you have every checked out the lean gains website, there is so much information that the amateur gets lost. I read thoroughly through Martin’s website and adapted my version of workouts, intermittent fasting, and macronutrient cycling for the common Asian gamer.

Which program should I follow: Become Saiyan or Lean Gains? Quite frankly, this is up to you, but note that my program was customized specifically for the Asian gamer who may or may not have lifted much (amateur lifting or just starting). This gamer has very little background in nutrition and fitness, but could have researched a ton from various crap sources like Men’s Health, GQ, etc. That crap is made to confuse you and tell you the next generation fads that don’t achieve results.

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