Should I Bulk or Cut?

Should I bulk or cut? For some the answer is obvious – if you are underweight and want to put on muscle, you should eat at a caloric surplus (bulk); if you are overweight and want to lose fat, you should eat at a caloric deficit (cut). But for those beginners who are neither under- nor over-weight, the so-called “skinny fat”, the choice between whether to cut or bulk is a bit more difficult.

You can choose to “cut” in order to reduce overall body fat percentage, but this will be slow going and will postpone your ability to gain appreciable muscle mass. You can “bulk”, eating well over your maintenance calories in order to maximize muscular gains, but at the same time gain additional unwanted fat.

Ultimately, there is no right answer for this question. You need to choose one goal at a time. Whatever you choose to start with, be it cutting or bulking, all that matters is that you start doing something.

How does this help me get a six pack? As with every other goal here, having defined abs is a matter of having enough muscle mass and low enough body fat. Generally the hardest part of getting a six pack is losing enough body fat to make the bottom portions of the abs show well enough. Just remember: you lose 3 lbs of fat the exact same way you lose 30 lbs.

Go back to this post: if it says you’re in low/medium fat, you should bulk. If you’re in high fat, you should cut!

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