The Truth About Weight Cycling (Yo-Yo Dieting)

My mother is a victim of fad diets. She’s vary conscientious about her body weight so does whatever is possible to shed 10 lbs in 2 weeks, even when most of that weight is water weight.

Most people are over the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet. These two old-popular diets are not real diets and often cause weight cycling.

What is Weight Cycling (Yo-Yo Dieting)?

As it sounds, weight cycling is the recurring cycle where an individual will lose weight and regain weight. Cycles often vary to degree and time, but the weight can range from a few pounds to even an enormous amount of weight (2 lbs to 100 lbs+).

That sounds dangerous…

Truth be told, there is no resounding evidence either way. Some studies suggest there may be link to certain adverse health risks, but it’s not 100% clear. There are surely psychological side effects to putting your body through strain during dieting then again straining your body when regaining the weight.

That been said, if an individual is obese, then they have a higher risk of having coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc.

If I lose weight, then don’t I lose fat?

Studies have shown that when you tend to engage in weight cycling behavior, most people retain the same percentage of lean muscle and fat both prior and after weight loss. This means that people are losing both muscle, fat, and water weight instead of focusing on losing fat.

This also means that they’re not adding healthier leaner muscle to their body.

If I regain lost weight, won’t losing it again be even harder?

Going back to the main weight loss/weight gain equation:

Weight Change = Calories Consumed – Calories Burned

An individual who engages in weight cycling technically shouldn’t have a harder time losing weight again; however, one of the problems of these diets is often low carbohydrate. Extended periods of low carbohydrate will affect leptin, a hormone that helps control your body’s metabolism. If you stunt your metabolism, you will have to re-start it by going high simple and refined carbohydrates, often leading to weight gain.

Still, most individuals cannot stick to these diets for long so they often do not have an impact their metabolic rate.


Stick to my program and inform those you know on how to properly lose weight in a healthy way. Diet is often heard with a negative connotation for this reason. You must stick to a balanced diet with physical activity (weight lifting, preferably).

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