Is Vitamin Water Healthy For You?

Is Vitamin Water Healthy For You?

vitaminwaterYou see it on shelves EVERYWHERE. Some of your friends drink it, thinking it is healthy, but is it really healthy for you?

What is in Vitamin Water?

Vitamin water has four major components: water, vitamin supplementation, mineral supplementation, and sugar.

Time to break it down:

Water is always healthy. But is Vitamin Water healthy?

1. It’s better than juice and soda. Soda and juice are usually made from high fructose corn syrup, which is incredibly sugary or made from real sugar. The problem is, vitamin water also contains that said sugar for taste so it is high in calories.

2. The vitamins in vitamin water are supplements. Our bodies do NOT absorb vitamin supplements very well, especially when mixed in liquid form. Our intestines is the location where our bodies absorb the precious nutrients we need. However, liquids travel through our intestines rather quickly. When you eat a fruit or vegetable, it travels much more slowly so it can be absorb. Additionally, our intestines prefer absorption from real sources rather than man-made supplementation.

3. The vitamins that are in Vitamin Water, you really don’t need. If you’re eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, you’re most likely getting as much as nutrients as you really need. The extra vitamins that you receive from vitamin water are probably going to waste.


Stick to drinking plain water. Wouldn’t you rather eat a chocolate bar later and enjoy it than drinking your calories from sugar?

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