Before and After Pictures – Exposed via FURIOUSPETE

Everyone uses them because they are the most compelling way to demonstrate the effectiveness of a workout, product, and/or diet. However, how many are really legitimate?

One of the problems in the fitness industry is that “models” are hired to take before and after pictures. What FuriousPete describes in the above video is only one of the shady methods that is used.

Another technique that is commonly used is the use of a model with a 6-pack is asked to gain weight and bloat themselves, then “lose it back.” These models already have the foundation muscles in place, so cutting the weight back off is much easier for them than it is for the general population.

The common person needs to not only lose weight, but add muscle to get into that perfect Saiyan body.

My program caters to you. If you don’t want to fall for misleading products that won’t get you results, start here.

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