Constipation Due to Weight Loss

Constipation Due to Weight Loss

Young Man Sitting on Toilet --- Image by © Brigitte Sporrer/Corbis

Constipation is caused by changes in the diet and/or inactivity. When your body undergoes a dietary change, you’ll often find yourself bloated, gassy, and constipated. Your bowel movements will be infrequent, erratic, and potentially painful.

First off, I recommend reading about my post on fiber. Usually, the more fiber you eat, the better. That is unless you’re having too much fiber. Also, if you lack fiber, increase fiber intake slowly.

But what else can affect your bowel movements? Many factors including nutrient and mineral sufficiency, water sufficiency, fiber intake, amount of physical activity, and/or surgery. Even lifestyle changes, stress, depression, and mental anxiety can affect your bowel movements.

It’s not always recommended to take laxatives if you’re having constipation. Instead, opt for better regular habits that allow your body to become accustomed to your diet and lifestyle.

Developing great habits so that your bowel movements come naturally and frequently are the best options for you.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat enough fiber
  • Check your poo!

Here’s an excellent visual chart of types of bowel movements:

boweltypesAs funny as the above chart is to look at, we’ve all been victims of the hard lumpy, painful pellet bowel movements.


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