Fasted Workout vs Non-Fasted Workout

Fasted Workout vs Non-Fasted Workout


In the Saiyan program, the fasted workout is advised. There are many health benefits from working out fasted, but the largest factor is that it helps accelerate burn fat.

In a study of 19 men in two groups for Ramadan training, results have shown further benefits. Some other benefits include:

  • Boost of Growth Hormone (GH)
  • Re-composition of body (protein from fat)
  • Increase in testesterone
  • Amplified cognitive function
  • Regulated mood and stress


The study specifically states:

” … aerobic training in a fasted state lowers body weight and body fat percentage. In contrast, fed aerobic training decreases only body weight. In addition, Ramadan fasting induced change in some metabolic parameters in FAST, but these changes were absent in FED.”

However, there are some recommendations to keep your workout safe and effective.

  1. Take proper pre-workouts 15-20 mins before your workout. This includes your BCAA and creatine. You want to make sure your workouts are explosive and you have proper fuel. If you’re on keto diet or low carb diets, then you need to ensure you’re getting a proper amount of glycogen stores from carbohydrates. The purpose of high carb days on workout days allow your body to recover and restore glycoegen.
  2. Post workout recovery meals should be your largest meals. This allows your body to have sufficient fuel to rejuvenate and recover from the workout.
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