Become A Saiyan Apprentice (Intern)

Do you have what it takes to become my next Saiyan Apprentice?


Description of You:

1. You have an endless pursuit towards personal and professional growth through a mental, physical, and spiritual means

2. You value honesty and openness as the foundation for each and every relationship, partnership, and friendship

3. You gravitate towards the fundamental principles of positivity, accountability, and humility

4. You are driven through passion, creativity, and proactivity

5. You are eccentric and have a firm perspective and opinion, yet retain open-mindedness

6. You have a penchant for building things and creating solutions out of things that are “irreparable”

7. You want to build your own business or write your own book


Why Would You Want This Internship?

1. You will learn from me, an self-proclaimed, expert entrepreneur, self-motivationalist, salesman

2. You will receive a free boot camp and gym membership to your local gym

3. You will foster the body of your dreams and both males and females will drool over you

4. You will have the opportunity to transition into a full-time position, working from the very computer you sit

5. You will receive a super cool email address KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. You will promote my program through both social media via twitter, reddit, etc.

2. You will be conducting interviews of Saiyans and future Saiyans

3. You will be overseeing most of the community action and follow up with most questions and/or posts.


If you are interested in this opportunity, reach out to me

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