External Resources

Diet and Nutrition


Software and Tools

  • Couch to 5K Applications: http://c25kapp.com/ http://felttip.com/c25k/ http://www.c25k.com/
  • WalkJogRun For tracking running routes
  • RunKeeper Track many stats of your walks/runs, for Android and iPhone
  • MotivationRPG A pseudo-game that periodically reminds users to perform physical or mental exercises, subject to user customization, and can be used to randomize physical training.
  • Fitocracy A MMORPG style fitness game where you level up for doing fitness based activities, and can play PvP (Player Versus Player) duels, and complete quests and achievements.
  • Uprace Uprace is a social game about setting, sharing, and reaching personal goals
  • BodyLog website and App for monitoring progress via pictures
  • FitnessBliss A web application that lets you manage your workout routines.
  • Sworkit Generates randomized circuit training workouts for iOS, Android, and web browsers.
  • StrengthCalc.com Printable workout routines and diets with pre-filled numbers
  • Thryv allows you to plan and manage your fitness lifestyle in one place.

Smart Phone Apps

  • Jefit Weight lifting log for Android
  • FitnessFast Weight lifting app for iPhone
  • Gym Buddy Weight lifting and cardio log for iPhone
  • LiftPro Fitness Tracker Android App
  • Strong Log Android App for logging Starting Strength/StrongLift workouts.
  • CC Tracker An Android app for Convict Conditioning.
  • Big Lifts Android app for Starting Strength and 5/3/1
  • Endomondo Web, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and BB workout tracker
  • Tabata Trainer Android app for doing and creating HIIT workouts.

Calorie Tracking Sites

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