Supplements 101: What The Saiyan Should I Be Taking?

  • Fish Oil, one with high EHA, DPA content (look at label) – liquid fish oil is best! — on days you don’t eat fish, take 3 g of EHA and 1.5 g DPA (this is a lot of pills — I’m taking 10 pills a day) — if you high omega-3 content fish like Salmon, skip the fish oil
  • Protein Powder (Whey, Whey Isolate, and/or Casein) – you want one of pure whey (look at the label) – whey is absorbed into the body the quickest so immediately after your workout, you’ll want to take a protein shake of whey only. You only need whey protein if it’s difficult to consume all your protein for the day. You’ll discover that on your workout days, its HARD to eat that much meat.
  • L-Carnitine – Take once a day. This is an amino acid that accelerates fat loss
  • Multi-Vitamin – If you eat a ton of vegetables, you really don’t need it, but I recommend taking it because it’s better to have adequate nutrients so your muscles can burn fat and recover muscles. Better safe than sorry! – Also, since you’re drinking so much water, this vitamin supplement can help replenish all of the washed away water soluble vitamins.
  • BCAA – Take the recommended dosage prior to your workout. This helps out with muscle recover.
  • Creatine – This is NOT a hormone. Creatine helps with ATP synthesis and ATP pumps (gives you more energy) for your workout. Take 5 g of creatine daily.


Optional Supplements:

1. Thermogenics – These are pills that have extreme amounts of caffeine from green tea extract and yohimbine HCL. Yohimbine is a root that accelerates fat loss and when coupled with caffeine, it can be effective in quicker weight loss. Note that your body will adapt very quickly to these compounds so if you do take it, take them when you approach lower levels of body fat.

Additionally, try to keep caffeine intake limited (less than 500 mg per day) or you will notice jitteriness and a number of other side effects. Also, do NOT take thermogenics if you are taking a pre-workout that contains caffeine since you will likely be consuming high dosages of caffeine. These pre-workouts include Jack3d, Muscle Pharm Assault, etc. If you are taking thermogenics, cycle off and on every month to maximize effective dosage.

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