Why Should I Become Saiyan?

Honestly, I created Become Saiyan for myself. One of my bucket-list items was to have a 6-pack sometime in my life so that I could:

1. know deep inside my heart that I could accomplish this physical feat

2. show to my kids when they become teenagers, yeah, your dad was ripped.

3. increase my personal image and boost self-confidence

Yes, it’s superficial, cliche, and maybe a bit stupid, but I don’t care. It has always been one of my desires and now, I have the satisfaction of achievement. There is an inexplicable happiness that comes from achieving this feat and I can safely say, it has poured into other aspects of my life.


Why should you Become Saiyan?

I am not like any other fitness guru and/or nutritionist that advises some fake, crappy product that will instantly get you ripped. The sad truth is that it is common that companies hire people who are physically fit, pay them to get fat for photos, then have them go back to their fit ways so they can take photos. They then use this photos to sell you a product.

Regardless of what your goals are, I not only want to offer you the value of improving your quality of life, health and happiness, but I want you to fulfill one critical part of life that most people don’t have – a sense of accomplishment.

It’s not easy. It’s not fun (at first).

It’s a pain in the ass. It’s hard work. It’s incredibly fulfilling.


If you have any of the following qualities, you don’t have what it takes to Become Saiyan:

1. Quit easily.

If you quit after a week of trying something new, then this program is not for you. You won’t make it past a month. You probably won’t make it past a week. Don’t enlist in my program because you won’t receive any value from it. The first month is by far the worst, especially the first week. It’s mostly because you haven’t moved out of your chair in the past 20 years so your body doesn’t know that you even have muscles.

2. Lack Teamwork.

If you have played in any professional sports, e-sports, or any team games and you lack a cooperative mindset, then you lack determination and probably are selfish. You won’t get the most out of my website so I advise you not to waste your money and/or time. Health and fitness is easy when you have a network, whether online or in person.

3. Are close-minded.

I’m here to offer you an unconventional, non-fad program. I’m here to educate you on how our bodies operate and how to maximize efficient, healthy weight-loss through constantly changing your body adaptation process. It’s an adaptation of intermittent fasting, meaning you will not be eating for an certain allocated time during the day.

4. Are impatient.

If you expect results instantaneously, you’re better off weighing yourself on the scale every day and yo-yo dieting. Of course, you won’t get anywhere, and you’ll probably get fatter, but that’s because you believe in instant gratification. My program can be properly executed in less than 3 months (varies on starting point). If you can fully dedicated 3 months to yourself, you can make your Saiyan body.

5. Believe in a singular, magical problem-solver.

There is not a single product that will magically make you ripped. It doesn’t exist. There is no super food, there is no super pill, there is no super plan. Your body adapts and you may plateau. My plan is custom tailored so you can overcome those plateaus.

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